Two weeks ago I decided to change my skincare routine after developing bad razor bumps, after my first attempt shaving my beard 🧔🏾
I currently use :

  1. Nivea oil control multi effect face wash with salicylic acid technology and magnesium which helps exfoliate, deeply cleanse and remove excess oil. It provides long lasting shine control, helps control breakouts and does not leave skin feeling dry or tight.
  2. Nivea even tone face, body & hands creme. The non-stick cream preserves my skin tone and helps clear the dark razor bumps scars, leaving my skin smooth and soft.
  3. Vaseline blueseal original I use it to lock moisture and prevent my skin from drying up during the day.

Let the journey begin



Finally I have gained the courage to start blogging. I created this blog five months ago and have not posted anything to this day which I’m embarrassed off, anyway I’m finally going to start doing what I have postponed for the past 2 years.

So my blog is going to be very exciting and interesting, it’s going to have a lot of content about fashion which is something very  close to my heart and travelling which I haven’t done in so many years but now I’m hoping to start doing  locally and internationally.

I honesty do not know what I signed up for, but one thing I know is that I’m going to enjoy it.Feel free to pass any suggestions about the blog and collaborations are more than welcome.

Thank you